The portfolio of R+V Re consists of all non-life lines of business in treaty as well as facultative reinsurance, the latter with focus on commercial/industrial property business. These traditional types of reinsurance enable you to find the best solution for your risk management.

Customized solutions

Reinsurance covers are never a standardized product but are especially tailor-made for your individual needs as a reinsurance customer. The focus on the traditional reinsurance types of treaty and facultative reinsurance enables us to find transparent solutions for your risk management – across all lines from casualty insurance to property insurance.

Our services to you
The client is in our focus. Our experienced sales teams are also the decision taking underwriters and work closely together with our actuarial department, claims management, legal consulants and line of business specialists. In colaboration with the back office staff we offer risk assessments, analysis of different reinsurance structures, quotation services, cat modelling and answers to judicial and insurance related questions. You can take sufficient capacity and fair pricing for granted.

Reinsurance solutions in non-life lines of business
We offer traditional forms of reinsurance for the following non-life insurance services

The growing world population, the associated shortage of arable land and the increased frequency of severe weather events pose enormous challenges to global food security. The agricultural sector is more dependent on weather influences than any other. Structural changes in agriculture and current climatic changes are increasing the risk profile for all parties involved in the agricultural supply chain. Market specific insurance products for crop and livestock mitigate the risk directly at the farm level. Our Reinsurance for agricultural insurance helps you as the primary insurer to efficiently counteract against all agricultural risks.

R+V Re is one of the world's leading reinsurers for aviation and space. For 40 years, we have stood by our clients' side as a competent partner in this special line of business for worldwide proportional and non-proportional treaty reinsurance business. Our activities cover all lines of aviation and space business. Excellent service and short response times are a matter of course for us. We would be pleased to work with you to develop a solution that is tailored to your requirements and needs.

The realistic assessment of loss potentials due to natural hazard events, such as storms, floods, earthquakes or forest fires, is already of great importance and will become even more important in the future. With our scientific expertise, we can provide you with comprehensive support as a strong and competent partner in this type of property damage reinsurance.

R+V Re is among the top 10 credit and surety insurers worldwide. As an absolute expert in this line of business, we write worldwide credit and surety reinsurance business as well as reinsurance for political risks – in each case on a portfolio basis. With our business relationships with over 135 clients worldwide, we also act as an established, competent and strong partner for you in all matters relating to reinsurance solutions in these specialty lines.

Technical progress, together with the growing world population and the need for new energy sources, production facilities, infrastructure, etc., is ensuring that the area of engineering insurance is gaining in importance. Insurance covers that address these increasingly complex risks are in high demand worldwide. Expensive machinery such as turbines and production plants, as well as complex construction projects such as roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, power plants and high-rise buildings are potentially exposed to increasing hazards. Hazards can be, for example, weather events or errors in construction. With our know-how as a reinsurer in engineering insurance, we are pleased to support you and advise you in your daily work.

Risks within liability insurance are subject to constant change. Social inflation, the ongoing tightening of liability regulations and the risks from increasingly "smart" products are just some of the driving factors. As an experienced casualty reinsurer with a skilled team of casualty specialists and actuaries we thrive to provide reliable, long-term support for these long-tail risks.

From the liability of the carrier to valuables on the road, goods in storage or on a container ship, as well as art in museums, to an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit) on the high seas – hardly any line of business is as diverse as marine insurance. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know what to look out for in these areas in particular and can provide you with tailored reinsurance solutions.

Motor Insurance is one of the largest insurance lines in the world and essential for mobility. Motor third party liability protects the policy holder in case of a loss against private insolvencies. Motor own damage secures the rising values of cars. As a reliable, experienced reinsurer, we offer you a wide range of services in the field of motor reinsurance.

Accident prevention in production facilities plays a central role in industrial countries and the insurance of potential loss scenarios are essential for Company’s Risk Assessment.

The challenges in property insurance and reinsurance are increasingly characterized by natural catastrophes, the failure of global supply chains, rising construction costs and major losses due to new technologies (insulation, li-ion batteries, etc.). With many years of expertise in catastrophe reinsurance, we and our team accompany you in this constantly challenging environment with solutions for risk transfer and risk minimization.

Cat Cover
The protection for cat Losses of Insurance companies (weather related or man-made) is one of the main tasks of reinsurance.

Per Risk
The value protection of the private, agricultural, commercial and Industrial Sectors are globally essential

Facultative Reinsurance

What if a risk is too large to be fully included in the reinsurance contract or may not even be included at all? In that case, the solution is facultative reinsurance. R+V Re offers facultative support in the area of property and engineering. We write facultative business both proportionally and on a non-proportional basis worldwide. Especially large risks require individual assessment and coverage. Together with our experts, we find the right solution for your risks – in addition to or outside the contractual reinsurance capacities.