We have been securing the future of our partners since 1955. Our corporate culture is characterized by reliability, solidity, and the cooperative idea. It is based on the idea of taking responsibility and solving economic and social problems together, true to the principle: “What one cannot do, many can.” In doing so, we always put people first. Community is therefore a top priority. Learn more about our background. Our chronicle will inform you about key events in our history from the founding of R+V Re until today.
What one cannot achieve alone, can be achieved together.
Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen
Founding Father
Chronicle and milestones

Start of cooperatives for farmers and craftsmen. „Raiffeisenbanken” and „Volksbanken“ were founded.

Foundation of „Raiffeisen Allgemeine Versicherungsgesellschaft a.G.“ and
„Raiffeisen Lebensversicherungsbank a.G.“

Our reinsurance activity began on 17th October 1955 with the foundation of the Rhein-Main Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG in Wiesbaden.

On 31st December 1994 we merged with the Holding of R+V Group. Since that day we operate under the name of R+V Versicherung AG Rückversicherung Reinsurance.

Our non-life, non-group portfolio exceeded EUR 1 bn in gross written premium.

Our non-life, non-group portfolio exceeded EUR 2 bn in gross written premium.

Our non-life, non-group portfolio exceeded EUR 3 bn in gross written premium.

This year we celebrate two anniversaries at once. On 5th May, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of R+V Re in Spain. On 15th September, R+V celebrates its 100th birthday.

Founding Fathers Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch (1808–1883) and Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818–1888)